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Our Security Services Include Threat Detection, Loss Prevention, and More!

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Preventing Any Potential Threats

For a security service provider you can trust, turn to Sentry Security Services. We are here to prevent any potential threats to your property and belongings. With direct supervision and monitoring, we ensure a safe and secure environment for
each of our clients.


What We Can Do for You

The guard services that we offer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Free Site Security Assessments
  • Unarmed Guard Services
  • Armed Guard Services
  • Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Security Camera Services
  • Fence Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Loss Prevention
  • Threat Detection and Crime Deterrence
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Customized Online Reports
  • Client Portal Access

Guard Tracking

Sentry Security Services utilize the latest technology and innovations to monitor guard activity throughout their shift. Powered by TrackTik technologies, Sentry actively monitors guards and provides daily reports to ensure maximum productivity, safety, and overall client satisfaction.

  • Real-Time Visibility of Guards
  • Operational Transparency
  • Paperless Reports
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Employee Accountability
  • Receive notifications on safety and security issues in real time
  • Summaries of activities and incidents streamlined within a single centralized platform
  • Use checkpoints for specific checklists and key areas with exceptions to rules and triggers
  • Dynamic analytics data that monitors performance and identifies risks and trends 

Remote Monitoring & Live Video

Security and Surveillance using Video Analytics with live broadcasting. Unlimited viewing capability straight from your desktop, web, video wall, smart phone, or tablet.

Visual Project Management

Visual Project Management to enhance existing management tools.


Video Analytics for any number of netOptic cameras at one location, or spread over multiple locations.

Solar-powered Fence-mounted Intrusion Detection

  • RELIABILITY : Distributed intelligence – each sensor has its own signal processing so if one sensor fails, the rest of system continues to work; event filtering eliminates environmental alarms caused by wind, rain and allows for more reliable alarm information; redundancy of alarm information (open loop)
  • ACCURACY : Zoning feature (up to 4×128 zones) gives precise location capability of cuts, climbs, lifts of fence for verification
  • EFFICIENCY : Reduced time for installation and maintenance – sensing is in accelerometer, not the cable; detection zones easily set-up

Fence Intrusion Detection System

We offer a fence-mounted intrusion detection system for perimeter fences. The fence detection cable uses accelerometers to detect fence vibrations generated by intrusion attempts made by cutting, climbing or lifting the fence. Upon an intrusion, the system transmits alarm information for verification in the control room. Each system/loop can secure up to 2 miles (3200m) of a perimeter with pinpoint intrusion location to within 10 feet (3m). You can connect up to 4 loops (8 miles) and running (4) RS485 lines on the perimeter.

The control unit is solar powered with batteries resulting in minimal infrastructure at the site. Unique to the market, our detection system guarantees a 1 second alarm response time. Set-up, maintenance and detection sensitivity adjustments are easily facilitated. A mapping software application allows the system to locate by zone by superimposing it over a site plan or picture.

Our security services cover both commercial and residential properties, from apartments, construction sites, and hotels to parking lots,  shopping centers and more. For additional information, contact us today!

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